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Confidential Information

  1. Unwind and the Customer agree to keep information that they receive from one another confidential by using the same degree of care that they would otherwise use to protect their own confidential information. Unwind will not disclose any Customer’s confidential information to anyone else, unless the Customer allows Unwind to do so. The Customer agrees to do the same with any confidential information received about Unwind. Unwind can, however, disclose the Customer’s confidential information to Unwind’s employees and contractors who require the information in order to perform their obligations in terms of this agreement. This includes disclosing a Customer’s information to third parties for the purposes of background and credit checks prior to authorizing orders.
  2. By visiting, browsing and using, the Customer consents to Unwind’s use of Cookies, and when a Customer places an order, they are agreeing that they are over the age of 18 and have permission to use the payment method they submit to Unwind.
  3. Submission of any private details by a Customer is done so with the understanding that the Customer has read and consented to these Terms and Conditions in full.
  4. By providing personal information of any kind, the Customer consents to the storage of this information by Unwind. Should a customer wish to revoke this, the Customer should make a written request to
  5. Saved card and/or payment details will never be shared with third parties unless for the purposes of a credit check.
  6. Any telephone calls made to Unwind may be recorded for the purposes of quality control, record keeping and training. By telephoning Unwind, the Customer consents to the storing of this information.
  7. The Unwind Site uses Cookies as a device to measure and analyze visits to the Site and Customer behaviour, to regularly improve the Customer’s shopping experience, to monitor the success of sales and marketing tools and devices, to remember the Customer’s preferences for when they return to the Site, and for targeted advertising relevant to the Customer. By using the Site, the Customer consents to the Site’s use of Cookies. Any Customer can control Cookies by visiting at their own discretion. When a Customer alters or deletes Cookies, they Customer is liable for any lost information.
  8. All marketing and newsletter functions on the Unwind Site offer opt-out or unsubscribe functions that the Customer is free to utilize at their discretion.
  9. Unwind reserves the right to share the Customer’s private information, both within the Unwind company and to third parties, for the purposes of processing, managing and delivering an order, tracking an order, refunding or returning or exchanging an order, following up on an order, for fraud, background and credit checks, when there is a legal obligation to do so, to collate site traffic and sales information and trends, and for marketing and demographic studies conducted for internal purposes.
  10. Unwind will never sell the Customer’s personal information to third party marketing agencies or companies.