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Personalised Sleepwear in South Africa

Unwind Linen – Luxury, Personalised Sleepwear

At Unwind Linen, you can add a little extra love to your garment and select the complimentary embroidery option when placing your order. This detail makes the Unwind garments the perfect gift. Read more about our personalisation options here.

Our designs are timeless, elegant and flowy which makes it perfect for any age group and most body types. We only use 100% natural fibre fabrics for all of our garments, because we are very passionate about the qualities of an all-natural fabric. We started off with 100% linen only, but we now recently brought in a 100% cotton option as well. Both of these fibres have very similar qualities/benefits and we love and appreciate each and every one!

We keep the colour palette neutral to compliment the natural persona of the brand.

Qualities of 100% cotton:

  • Cotton is a soft material that makes it perfect for pajamas and lounge wear. The reason for this is, the cotton plant is soft and fluffy and results in the fabric also having this quality.
  • It is very durable, because the cotton plant’s cellular structure is strong. This creates a tough and wear-and-tear resistant fabric.
  • It is absorbent which makes it great for the hot summer months, but also for the winter, because we cuddle up in thick blankets which can make us a bit too “toasty” sometimes.
  • It holds dye well. The Colour of the garment should not fade. The colours should always be bright and deep even after years of wearing it.
  • Just like linen, cotton is breathable. We feel this is one of the best qualities a natural fibre has.
  • Cotton has no static cling.

Qualities of 100% linen:

  • Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. It draws heat away from the body, keeping you cooler in the warmer months and gives warmth during the cold months of the year. Linen clothes will retain the heat from your body and release the excess, making you feel cosy and comfortable.
  • Linen is a very strong fabric and that makes it durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Linen is lightweight, breathable, cosy and feels great on your skin.
  • Because of the natural flax, it is the better fabric choice for people struggling with allergic reactions.
  • Since linen is made of flax, it will reduce or eliminate the static electricity effect.
  • Linen clothes will not lose their shape after washing, in fact, they will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time.
  • Linen doesn’t need to be ironed to look good. High-quality linen is wrinkly and those wrinkles are part of its beauty.
  • Linen falls under the ‘sustainable fashion’ category, because the flax plant (what linen is made of) is sustainable. Flax plants are very resilient, it can grow in poor soil, and requires very little water. Also, every single part of the flax plant is used in making all types of products. Linen is also recyclable and biodegradable.

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